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Dysphagia Awareness Month: Recognizing Dehydration Signs

Dysphagia Awareness Month: Recognizing Dehydration Signs

Dysphagia Awareness Month is a time dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with swallowing difficulties. Dysphagia is a medical term that refers to difficulty swallowing and it affects millions of people globally, impacting their ability to eat and drink safely. Dehydration is a common concern for those with dysphagia, as it can be difficult to maintain adequate fluid intake. As we strive to support those living with this condition, it's crucial to spread knowledge and understanding about dysphagia and the available solutions that can significantly improve their quality of life.

Dehydration with Dysphagia: Signs

People with dysphagia are more vulnerable to dehydration, particularly older adults or those with other health conditions. While dehydration is challenging to confirm without biochemical tests, various signs and symptoms can help in screening individuals who may be at risk. These signs include:

Dehydration varies in severity. Mild dehydration, which involves a 1% loss of body weight due to fluid loss, might just cause headaches, dry mouth, and thirst. Recognizing these early signs is key to preventing more serious dehydration.

Dehydration with Dysphagia: Solutions

Due to a lack of thirst, water fatigue, and difficulty recognizing dehydration symptoms, it's essential for caregivers and medical staff to prompt them to drink fluids regularly, even when they're not thirsty. To address dehydration, the Thick-It® brand offers a range of hydration solutions, including convenient and flavorful beverages and thickener powder that dissolves instantly in foods and beverages.

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