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 •   5g of fiber per serving
 •   Dissolves instantly
 •   No bloating or cramping
 •   Reduce bowel medications
 •   Sugar & lactose free
 •   Improves glucose levels
 •   No phosphorus or potassium
 •   No added: preservatives, bleaching
      agents, dyes or flavors

FiberCel Unflavored Powdered Fiber


 •   Easy to mix liquid protein
 •   16g of protein and 2.5g of arginine
 •   Promotes wound healing
 •   Can be taken straight or mixed with
      1-4 oz of your favorite beverage
 •   Complete protein
 •   Sugar & gluten free
 •   Flavours: Watermelon, Apple, Peach Mango,
      Grape, Ginger-Ale & Unflavoured

McKin Health - LiquaCel Liquid Protein


 •   5g of protein per serving
 •   Dissolves instantly in your favorite
      foods or liquids without altering the
      original taste
 •   Promotes wound healing
 •   No heavy odor
 •   Transparent to the individual
 •   Will not plug enteral feeding tubes
 •   Low lactose
 •   Halal and Kosher

ProCel Whey Protein


 •   Patented blend of highly concentrated
 •   Promotes wound healing
 •   Easy to use packets
 •   Mixes easily with 2-4 oz of water
 •   Great tasting pineapple & mixed
      berry flavor
 •   Will not plug enteral feeding tubes
 •   Sugar & gluten-free

PUSH Collagen Dispeptides

PUSH 20+

 •   20g of complete protein - building blocks
      to aid in healing and maintain lean muscle
 •   High absorption rate and high bioavailability
 •   Increases tissue hydration
 •   Stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis
 •   Promotes epithelialization
 •   Accelerates wound healing

PUSH 20+