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FiberCel Clinical Studies

FiberCel Clinical Studies

Dietary fiber is a vital part of a healthy diet and there are many avenues that one can acquire supplemental fiber for those that require it. There are many reasons why one may wish to supplement fiber into their diet as fiber can help improve absorption of water, assist in immune function and may lower the risk of colorectal cancer.

FiberCel is the perfect supplement for any patient that may require more fiber as a part of their daily diet due to its convenience and effectiveness. FiberCel Fiber Powder can be mixed into a variety of products and contains 5 grams of soluble fiber per serving. It will also not alter taste and is renal-friendly, as it does not contain any potassium or phosphorus. Various clinical studies have been conducted on the effectiveness and efficacy of FiberCel Fiber Powder and is the ideal product for any individual that may require more fiber in their diet.

Gut Health:
Clinical research conducted on FiberCel has demonstrated that the product aids in promoting intestinal regularity, alleviating occasional constipation, potentially enhancing gut health, and promoting consistent stool quality when consumed daily at dosages ranging from 3 to 8 grams.

Effects on Post-meal Blood Glucose:

FiberCel Fiber Powder can also have a positive effect on post-meal blood glucose; clinical studies have shown that it can help reduce blood sugar levels and minimize blood sugar spikes after meals.

Overall, FiberCel Fiber Powder can be the perfect supplement for anyone whose diet requires additional fiber intake due to its proven effectiveness and efficacy as well as due to its convenience.

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