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Demystifying NIHB – Nutrition and Supplement Coverage

Demystifying NIHB – Nutrition and Supplement Coverage

With the introduction of the Indigenous Services Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program, comes with a level of confusion in what they cover. The NIHB program is for eligible First Nations and Inuit individuals and allows for coverage of medically necessary health benefits that are not covered by other avenues.

NIHB covers a large range of medical supplies and services such as:

  • Dental and Vision
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental Health Counselling

See the full list and more information on NIHB here!

Does NIHB cover nutrition or supplements? Unfortunately, the answer is largely no. Although, there are case-by-case exceptions. Nutrition products that can be deemed as medically necessary are covered and can include products such as thickening agents and nutritional supplements, as well as others. It is important to note that only products that are deemed necessary are applicable to NIHB, for example, products that are additionally labelled “organic” are not included.

Please be advised that any eligible health product covered under NIHB must be prescribed or recommended by a healthcare professional.

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