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The Role of Collagen in Wound Healing | PUSH Collagen Dipeptide

The Role of Collagen in Wound Healing | PUSH Collagen Dipeptide

Collagen is a protein that connects tissues and is a major part of bone, skin, muscles, tendons and cartilage. Collagen is an important protein because it makes up the structure of our cells and tissues. It can be extremely beneficial in battling skin issues such as aging and dehydration and is a great catalyst to help decrease the healing time of wounds.

While collagen is naturally occurring in the body, during times of trauma or distress it can be beneficial to take collagen supplements to help your wound heal faster. Introducing more collagen in your body helps attracts fibroblasts, a type of connective tissue that secretes collagen to the wound area and aids in collagen deposition near the affected area to heal the wound. In fact, a study conducted regarding the role of collagen in helping patients with burn wounds concluded that collagen supplements does indeed improve wound healing and reduce hospital stay. You can learn more about the study by Katayoun et al here.

Some natural sources of collagen include shellfish and fish like salmon (the skin is particularly high in collagen!). Egg whites, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables also contain high amounts of collagen.

If you want a collagen supplement that is quick and easy to prepare and does not require any cooking, try the PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate. Mix it with water and your body will get the collagen it needs to help ease your journey in wound healing!

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