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Summer Ostomy Tips

Summer Ostomy Tips

As we venture further into summer, it's crucial to keep some key points in mind to fully relish the season with an ostomy. Here are some practical tips and gentle reminders for you!

Staying Hydrated: As we've previously emphasized, maintaining hydration is paramount for managing the heat with an ostomy. Remember to replenish fluids and replace lost electrolytes during warmer days. Consider increasing fluid intake on hot days to stay well-hydrated.

Managing Sweat: Consider using ostomy underwear with an integrated pouch to provide a protective barrier between the skin and the pouching system. You might also explore using fabric pouch covers for added comfort. Additionally, opting for more absorbent barriers can be helpful for extended wear. However, be cautious with barrier extenders like Sure Seal, as they can trap moisture and potentially lead to skin issues like yeast infections.

Swimming: There are various swimsuit options available for concealing your pouching system, but the choice is entirely personal. For men, pocketed swimsuits can offer discreet support. Women may prefer swimsuits with gathering, multi-colored prints, or patterns, along with tankini styles for easy access to the pouching system when needed. Consider changing your pouch before swimming, and if you feel self-conscious, practicing in a tub of water at home beforehand can help boost your confidence.

Traveling: While many are opting for local adventures this summer, if you're planning a road trip or visiting a family retreat, remember to pack extra supplies – perhaps triple the usual amount to be safe. Locating specific products may prove challenging in unfamiliar places, so it's wise to be prepared.

During the summer months, consider the benefits of using a support belt with your ostomy system. A support belt can provide added security and stability, particularly when engaging in physical activities or spending extended periods outdoors. It helps to keep the pouching system in place, reducing the risk of leaks or discomfort. Moreover, some support belts are designed with breathable materials, which can be especially advantageous in hot weather, as they help to wick away moisture and maintain comfort throughout the day. Investing in a quality support belt can offer peace of mind and enhance your confidence as you enjoy all that summer has to offer with your ostomy.

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