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How Does Good Nutrition Help Wound Healing?

When healing from a wound, it is vital to practice good nutrition as the relationship between good nutrition and wound healing is strongly interconnected. Good nutrition is important to your body regularly, as it acts as fuel for the body for your daily activities, but during wound healing, it becomes even more vital as your body is going into overdrive to heal the wound. Therefore, nutrition becomes an element that can potentially speed up wound healing.


Consuming the appropriate amount of protein for your needs is vital to wound healing as the role of protein helps repair your body tissues. Try and incorporate protein into your daily routine by adding nuts to your daily cereal or salad or eating diverse forms of meats or fish in your lunches or dinners.


When your body is actively trying to heal a wound, it requires an appropriate number of calories. It is important that you are hitting the appropriate number of calories that you require in a day as not consuming enough may potentially delay healing.

Additionally, it is also crucial to make sure that there is a diverse range of foods in one’s diet, as each group has different types of benefits that all contribute to your overall health and healing.

Vitamins and Minerals

A diverse range of vitamins and minerals in your diet is important, but there are specific vitamins and minerals to look out for when wound healing is occurring. These include vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc.

These vitamins and minerals all assist in the support and production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that is found in connective tissue, bone, cartilage, skin, and tendon and is vital to wound healing.

Although these vitamins, minerals and proteins can potentially be found in your diet, they can also be supported through supplements if your healthcare professional feels that it is appropriate.


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