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Different Types of Hernia Support Belts

Different Types of Hernia Support Belts

As we delve into the world of hernia support belts, it's crucial to understand the diverse array of options available to those seeking comfort and stability in their daily lives. From firm support to lightweight breathability, each belt serves a unique purpose tailored to individual needs.

Support Belt

The support belt offers firm support with adjustable features. Specifically designed to provide comfort and support to the abdominal area, especially for those with a parastomalincisionalumbilical, or  epigastric hernia. These belts have a 4-way stretch for increased freedom of movement and supportive fit.

Mesh Support Belt

For a lighter and more breathable option, consider a Mesh Support Belt. Ideal for warmer climates or strenuous activities where sweating is a concern. Though slightly less firm in support, it's a great choice post-surgery when the abdomen is tender.

Adjustable Hole Belt

The Adjustable Hole Belt features a unique Velcro hole design, accommodating different pouch sizes. Reinforced with an anti-slip pad, it provides support while allowing easier pouch access. No need for custom belts; this one comes in various sizes, depths, and colors.


Looking for two-way stretch support? Our Girdles/Corsets offer just that. Available in a range of sizes for both men and women, with options for high or low waist levels. Though not adjustable like belts, they are designed for ease of access and can even be customized with pouch coverings if desired.

Light Support/Seamless

For lightweight, seamless comfort, our Light Support/Seamless garments are the go-to choice. Perfect for post-surgery wear and nighttime use, they come in black, white, or beige and are suitable for all genders.

Inguinel Hernia Support Belt

Addressing inguinal hernias, an Inguinal Hernia Support Belt applies gentle, gradual pressure to help reduce discomfort. Lightweight and adjustable, it can be discreetly worn under clothing.

Explore our full range of hernia support belts and ostomy undergarments.

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