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Introducing the StomaGenie: A better solution for ostomy changes

Introducing the StomaGenie: A better solution for ostomy changes

Have you ever struggled with ostomy pouch changes? If you have, you are not alone!

The StomaGenie® Pouch Replacement Cartridge is a NEW device now available in Canada, that makes changing an ostomy pouch easier and cleaner. It covers the stoma as you remove your old pouch and captures any output, leaks or drips, so you can take your time cleaning and drying your skin.

The StomaGenie® is manufactured by Stomagienics, Inc., founded in 2014, which develops medical devices and methods to improve the lives of ostomy patients. Inspired by an invention by ostomy patient and family member Liney Guidry, the company has developed a family of products including the StomaGenie® Pouch Replacement Cartridge and SecurPress focused on ostomate health and hygiene.

Key Benefits

  • No more leakage: Helps to stop leakage that can irritate skin or ruin clothing
  • Stress-free pouch change: Allows users to change their pouch without worrying about accidents, making the process more hygienic, less stressful and faster
  • Increased wear time: Captures drips that can cause the adhesive to not seal properly, which can lead to leaks and shorter wear times
  • Healthier skin: Allows users to take more time to prepare their skin for the appliance, which helps to promote healthier peristomal skin.
  • Hygienic for caregivers and nurses: Makes pouch changes more hygienic for caregivers and nurses
  • Improved seal: Helps to apply flanges from a two-piece appliance system more easily with better alignment (see image below)

Who is it for?

  • Ostomates with an active or leaky stoma
  • Ostomates with vision or dexterity issues
  • Caregivers: The StomaGenie® makes it easier for caregivers to assist with pouch changes and help maintain a clean and hygienic environment
  • Nurses: The StomaGenie® makes the patient examination process more efficient and hygienic
  • Anyone looking for a more convenient and hygienic way to change their ostomy pouch

How to Use

  1. Measure your stoma size using the stoma measuring guide
  2. During pouch change, remove the appliance and cover the stoma with StomaGenie® cartridge
  3. With the StomaGenie® on, thoroughly prep your skin and allow for time to dry
  4. For a two-piece appliance system only, slide the pre-cut flange down the cartridge onto the skin

When the pouch change is completed, simply seal the cartridge with the plug and throw it away. StomaGenie® is discreet and biodegradable (but not compostable).

Shop Stomagenie® at McKin Health:

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