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StomaGenie® Review: My Lifesaver and Game-Changer

StomaGenie® Review: My Lifesaver and Game-Changer

Written by Danielle Gulden.

My name is Danielle Gulden.  I’m a mom, wife, advocate, comedian, speaker, ulcerative colitis patient, permanent ileostomate and co-founder of Double Baggin’ It. 

I’ve had ulcerative colitis for over thirty years.  After going through just about every IBD medication available, running to the bathroom around twenty-five times per day, and having a toilet installed in my car (yes, you read that correctly!), I finally kicked my diseased colon to the curb in 2007. After high-fiving every nurse, doctor, and surgeon on the way to the operating room, I had a full proctocolectomy with end ileostomy. My ostomy (and stoma named Stella) not only saved my life, it gave me back my life!

I love my ostomy, but that doesn’t mean that ostomy life comes without challenges.  I learned about the StomaGenie® back in 2019 at an ostomy conference. Since then, my life as an ostomate has been greatly improved with this little game-changer!  I have had my ostomy for 16 years, and I can confidently say that the StomaGenie® is by far my favorite ostomy product EVER! 

Just like a genie in a bottle, the StomaGenie® grants 3 wishes:

  • A cleaner, less stressful bag change. Timing bag changes around when your stoma is less active is a great idea – but not always feasible.  The StomaGenie® covers your stoma and captures output, allowing you to have a cleaner, less stressful change.  No more pooping (or peeing) on your toes! It also helps to cut down on wasted supplies.  We’ve all been there - when your stoma decides to wake up just in time to ruin a new wafer or bag! Ugh!
  • Time. The StomaGenie® gives you time to properly clean, dry, prepare and treat your parastomal skin.  This is extremely important to me as I often need to use the “crusting” method during the summer months when excessive sweat causes redness and irritation under my wafer.  I no longer feel rushed to get everything done before my stoma turns into a poop volcano!  
  • Peace of mind! After a bag leak at the zoo a few years ago, I learned a very valuable lesson - ALWAYS carry extra supplies!!  I now have emergency ostomy kits in my car, purses, backpacks, coat pockets – anywhere and everywhere!  Each kit has an ostomy bag (precut), barrier ring, paper towels, throw away trash bag ...and a StomaGenie®.  Even an unplanned bag change is made easier and less stressful with this little gem.

With the StomaGenie® in my ostomy routine, and emergency kits, I don’t think twice about the possibility of having to change my bag anywhere, anytime.  That peace of mind allows me to continue to live my ostomy life to the fullest!

Looking to try out the StomaGenie®? Visit our website to shop:

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