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Nutrition Made Easy | LiquaCel, FiberCel & PUSH Collagen

Finding easy ways to add nutritional value to your meals can be quite an endeavor! Especially if you're always on the go! With so many products available on the market which do you choose and which products also provide you with the right amount of your daily intake? We break down a few of our recommendations that are perfect for on-the-go.

1. FiberCel Fiber Power: FiberCel makes it easier to increase the fiber in your diet to improve regularity. Each 5g serving dissolves instantly in as little as 2 oz of your favourite beverage, without thickening.

2. LiquaCel Collagen Protein: A hydrolyzed complete collagen liquid protein containing 16g of protein in every serving (1 oz.). You can drink it straight or mix it with your favourite beverages and snacks. LiquaCel is ideal for seniors, post-surgical patients, athletes or anyone looking to meet their daily protein requirements. A perfect alternative to large-volume supplements that are difficult to consume. Try out LiquaCel today!

3. PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate: A patented blend of powdered collagen dipeptides that helps reduce heal time. PUSH sends a signal to cells to energize collagen production. These signals create resilient tissue and stimulate cell division, which aid in wound healing.

FiberCel, LiquaCel and PUSH are available in small, pre-measured packages making it easy to grab and go in the morning, making nutrition easy!

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